Beam Sound Off Central Vacuum Muffler - 030185

Today's central vacuum power units are quieter than ever, but central vacuum mufflers are still a good idea to reduce the noise level even further. If you have your central vacuum power unit located anywhere near your living space, then a muffler is an absolute necessity. In addition, if your central vacuum system is installed in an area that is close to a neighbor's living space, a muffler will significantly reduce the spill-over noise from your central vacuum power unit. There are a variety of mufflers on the market. This Beam Sound Off Muffler reduces the noise from your central vacuum and helps to maintain a quieter environment.

The muffler should always be placed in the exhaust line of your central vacuum system. If you don't vent your system outside, you can still install a muffler on the exhaust of your power unit. At Central Vacuum Stores, we always include all the fittings you will need to attach the muffler to your power unit.

The Beam Sound Off Central Vacuum Muffler is manufactured by Beam, but is compatible with any central vacuum brand and any central vacuum system that is installed with standard central vacuum tubing. Call us if you have any questions. The average do-it-yourselfer can expect to spend about 15 minutes installing this product.

Features of the Beam Sound Off Central Vacuum Muffler:

  • 15" long
  • Complete with mounting hardware and fittings for installation
  • Reduces noise from your central vacuum
  • Easy to install

Beam Sound-Off Vacuum Muffler